Ernest Lightfoot

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Bass Trombone

When did you start playing your instrument?

The seventh grade.

What do you do when you’re not playing in the LSO?

I play in The Atlantic Brass Band (for 12 years) and freelance in the area on bass trombone. I have been teaching myself how to play the piano for the last four years ( I started on piano when I was about 6 and also played it for college, but not until recently did I really care for it.) I ride my bicycle often. Enjoy reading and watching movies.

When, or how, did you come to join the orchestra?

I was asked to be a ringer in the Philadelphia Youth Orchestra in 1996 for a European tour, because some college students backed out at the last minute. From playing that, the conductor of the Abington Symphony heard me and asked me to play in his group (another community orchestra). While playing with that group, someone from the Lansdowne Symphony heard me and asked me to join. I’ve been in the group for about 18 years.

Do you play in any other musical groups?

I also play in the Atlantic Brass Band, the Pennsylvania Philharmonic, the Lancaster Brass Band, and occasionally with the Lancaster Symphony.

Do you come from a musical family?

No. Well, not my immediate family, but there are several musicians among my relatives.

Does the instrument you play on have a story

Not really. I moved to Philadelphia to study with Joe Alessi (principal trombonist in the New York Philharmonic). He plays the same make of trombone, so while studying with him I bought this horn.

Are you originally from Lansdowne/Philadelphia?

No. Originally I am from a small town (about an hour east of Houston) in Texas. After leaving Texas, I lived in Chicago for about 10 years.

Who is your favorite superhero?


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