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American Discoveries

  • The Whole Note, October 28, 2021: “Blundell leads the orchestra in a top-notch performance.”
  • The Arts Fuse, September 7, 2021: “an ensemble that plays with technical assurance as well as a good stylistic feel for the repertoire on hand.” 
  • Classical Voice of North Carolina, September 3, 2021: “the performances are also outstanding… a particularly important release.”
  • MusicWeb (UK): August 16, 2021, describes pieces as “fine and moving…quite uplifting…fascinating.”
  • Fleisher Discoveries Podcast by Kile Smith, August 4, 2021, featuring Alexandra Pierce’s Behemoth.
  • Take Effect, July 19, 2021: “a very spirited outing…some much needed and deserved attentions…”
  • Textura, June 22, 2021: “Any one of these well-crafted works would be a rousing and energizing addition to a symphony’s concert programme, and they collectively benefit from the LSO’s exuberant handling…. a pleasingly cohesive presentation.”
  • Classical Music Sentinel, June 21, 2021: “It’s reassuring to see this 80 member ensemble and conductor make the extra effort to introduce us to newly uncharted music.”
  • Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review, June 17, 2021: “Thank you Lansdowne Symphony Orchestra and Reuben Blundell for taking care that we hear these works done properly. Happily recommended.”
  • InfoDad, June 10, 2021: “Blundell and the Lansdowne ensemble certainly play it with relish – as, indeed, they play all the music on this (+++) disc.”
  • New York Music Daily, June 8, 2021: A Colorful, Entertaining New Mix of  Orchestral Works By Women Composers: “Since the mid-teens, conductor Reuben Blundell has been unearthing one undiscovered American symphonic treasure after another… let’s hope for more from Blundell and this adventurous crew.”
  • David’s Classical CDs, June 7, 2021: Fascinating Disc of New 20th Century Orchestral Music, “the playing is accomplished and Reuben Blundell is a confident leader…this disc is highly recommended.”
  • WOSU, Article and Interview, June 3, 2021, with Jennifer Hambrick: New Recording of Music by American Women Composers.
  • Musical Assumptions, May 20, 2021: “The project represents a great deal of care and work…[the Album] is both inexpensive and rich.”
  • MidWest Record, May 16, 2021: “A glorious collection of heretofore unheard material that had to be researched from manuscript…”
  • WTJU, May 5, 2021: “The Lansdowne Symphony Orchestra performs superbly under the direction of Reuben Blundell… these are indeed noteworthy discoveries.”

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